Sleep Tracker: by Sleepmatic App Reviews

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Fit bit was better at tracking

I had this feature on Fitbit but I switched to this and am very dissatisfied. It misses at least 2 to 3 days a week. It does not track well I got up for a hour because I couldn’t sleep and it says I was restful sleep. It has me in bed and out of bed at wrong times I keep having to adjust it. Fitbit was a whole lot better than this app maybe you should go back to the drawing board and compare Fitbit to your app and figure out where you went wrong. I did not want to give you any stars why is this set up where you have to give 1 in order to send it.

Sleep Magic

I really like it’s automatic operation. He just set it up and go to bed it collects information day after day beautifully well done.

Didn’t track sleep

I got this yesterday because I loved how my Fitbit tracked sleep and wanted my Apple Watch to do the same. This morning I woke up and the app didn’t track anything. Disappointed :(

Sleep App

Best sleep app out there!

Horrible app

iPhone SE, proper settings enabled, and have adjusted sensitivity many times. Gives totally inaccurate readings. Waste of money.


Being very active, this app helps me to keep on track with adequate sleep.

Love it

Works great for what I need

Simple and accurate

I just wanted a simple easy to use app that told me how I was sleeping. It was so easy I thought I must be doing something wrong but it did a great job.

Not what I hoped.

The app is ok. It doesn’t give as much info as I had hoped.

Is helping me

This app is helping me see what I am doing at night. It appears to be pretty much right on target! 5 stars because I think it is helping me!

Great App

Love it.


Doesn’t work well at all

Pretty good

I like that you don’t have to turn it off and on. I wish the information given was in a more user friendly layout.


Should have a way to set the time one actually goes to be instead of “sensing” - should have more editing capabilities. Doesn’t seem entirely accurate.

Better than my Fit Bit

I was dubious but after a week, am so pleased with this app. Seamlessly tracks my sleep and alllows me to see what was tracked at each step.

Works- sort of

It’s hard to tell when the app works. Supposedly it knows when you sleep therefore the user does not start it manually. I’ve found that it does record sleep but not necessarily all it seems. Portions are missing and it doesn’t tally the sleep till later in the day which makes me think it wasn’t working at all. I’ve only had it a couple days, things may change with the app- I don’t know.

Not Very Accurate

Have to change settings constantly so that it doesn’t count my time I’m sitting on my couch as “sleeping” and then adjust it at the time I go to bed. And the counting seems off to me.


Now I know why I still feel tired when I get up. Seeing the restful sleep, restless sleep and awake times I have is very interesting. And the hearts to boot. Love this.

No information

The first day two days I really had to make some adjustments to get the data to read correctly. On day three of owning the app, I got no data at all. The next night, however, I did get data and it did seem to be pretty accurate. So far it has not been very consistent so I will give it some more time.

Does not work. It’s not accurate. Just No...

This does not work. It only tracks 1-2 of sleep every night. From being in bed from 10pm-5am it caught 2 hours of sleep this is terrible. I get better insights and accurate tracking from my Fitbit. Guess I just lost out this one as I paid for something that does not work.


I don't know how they do it starting with telling me how much time I spent in bed before I fell asleep. How many times I woke up and also the time I got out of bed like I said WOW


Seems to be accurate

Not very accurate

Currently comparing several sleep apps. This is less accurate than a couple others, for example overstating amount of time in bed and categorizing that as restless sleep and undercounting awakenings. Also, it does not show deep sleep. Too bad one cannot try out an app before buying. Update: Developer wants me to adjust sensitivity to obtain better results. While I can alter the data by changing the sensitivity setting, I have no way of knowing what sensitivity setting would provide the most accurate data. It seems to me that the developer should be able to determine that, which is the case with another sleep app I am using and prefer. I still don’t recommend buying this app. Though inexpensive, it is not worth anything to me.

Not as good as FitBit, but ok

This app doesn’t seem to be as consistent as my old FitBit, but it’s ok...


Seems inaccurate doesn’t match any other sleep app

Sleep magic


I think this will work out in the long run.

I just download this app yesterday morning (5/28) and have went through all the settings. I took a 2+ hour nap and timed it. It was off by so I adjusted the sensitivity. Went to bed last night and it was only off by about 8 minutes (going to sleep) and I adjusted my middle of the night bathroom break time this morning in the other portion of settings. Over all, once I find my perfect combo of tweaking, this one is going to be the best sleep app for me of all of them I’ve tried (and paid for 🤢) You have to be patient and perfect your settings for the best possible accuracy. The other thing I’d like to see is a combined hour and time of hours/minutes slept a night IF one has gotten up in the middle of the night instead of it being broken up. That’d make it a 5 star app for me.


I love this app!

Expected More

The graphs are hard to read, difficult to determine how many times I’m waking up and how often. The sensitivity setting is confusing and I wish there was better explanation as to how those settings determine your results. How am I supposed to know which sensitivity is best? I just want accurate info, why should this be hard?


Crashes constantly

Wanted it to work

Sadly it didn’t. The boy recorded my sleep 2 times. And that wasn’t even accurate l.


When it works, it works great! Some days it tracks my sleep and some days it doesn’t. Not ideal considering you pay for the app.

Super accurate!

I love this app! Works exactly as advertised.

Used to be good

This app used to be good but lately it rarely tracks any of my sleep. It's only recorded 3 days out of the last 7 and it's random on when it does it. Used to never have this problem until the last week or so. I like this app as it's easier to read then most but that does no good if it's not working properly

Not as good in my experience as Pillow

While I appreciate the auto start/stop functionality to say this is “like Fitbit” is a gross misrepresentation. I consistently have it misreading wake up and sleep times and doesn’t give near the level of information that I get from the pillow app. I wish I hadn’t wasted my $2. Uninstalling.

Not accurate

It’s wrong and that’s when it actually recognizes sleep

Very Disappointed in this app!

Doesn’t keep accurate records. Says that I didn’t get up at all during the night. When I know for a fact that I do get up at least once or twice and last night was 4 times. So, I might have to go to a more expensive app or do without.

5 star review

Like being able to compare current day with past days to see any trends in my sleeping. Not needing to connect to anything when going to bed & needing to connect when I get up seems like a nice little extra. Having tried other sleep apps this one seems to give ur morning results much more quickly then past apps.


Certainly not an automatic tracker. Fails to detect and record entire nights frequently. Not dependable. Lack of dependability to detect sleeping raises questions about the accuracy of all data it collects and interprets.

No data collected

I did all the troubleshoot steps and still no data collected. This app does not work.


Why 85 bpm max

Not accurate at all! Zero stars!

I went from a Fitbit to the Apple Watch. The Fitbit was of course very good at tracking my sleep. This app had great reviews so I thought I’d try it. Wow! So bad! It said I was sleeping from 6:52-2pm. I was driving and running errands. I checked the settings and the next night, nothing was even close to accurate. I tried it a week and several times I was out and about driving, walking and it said I was sleeping. I then tried a new app - AutoSleep. Much better. I’ve had it for 3 nights and all 3 nights tracked very near perfect. Do not buy this app.


This is very good once you get the sensitivity set right. I like the fact that if it does happen to pick up if you are sitting on the couch before bedtime you can edit it to the actual time that you went to bed. I also like the fact that it monitors your heart rate. You can also look at your sleep history. Veg sleep app.

Worth every penny

Does a great job of keeping track of my sleeping habits and does additional trend statistics.

Has a bug :-(

My best friend and I both loaded this application over a girls weekend...the information from the first nights sleep was the layout and the heart rates etc. The second night both of our watches were dinging almost hourly telling us to either stand up or breathe...ALL NIGHT LONG ! I have called Applecare and they state that it is s third party app causing the issue...and suggested either turning off the reminders for stand and breathe before going to sleep and turning the reminders back on each morning or NOT wearing the watch to sleep...that’s a work around I’m not willing to do :-( As soon as the developer fixes this problem I will reload the app.

One star App

It won’t break down your sleep into REM, deep and light sleep. It’s not even close to accurate. Note: Stop comparing it to Fitbit while you are trying to sell this crappy app.

Best sleep app

Works great with Apple Watch. I've tried many sleep apps. This is best. Almost a bit surreal how it accurately understands when I'm sleeping. Those are their words but they all happen to be true.

Wonder why???

I have been wearing it and it has not tracked my sleep once.


Love this App⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍👍

Best sleep tracker

I’ve tried other sleep trackers and this is the best! I need to track my time for my doctor as I have terrible insomnia. I love that this breaks everything down from time asleep to restful sleep to number of times awake. The time amount for restful sleep seems to be the most accurate.

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