Sleep Tracker: by Sleepmatic App Reviews

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Good app

It’s a good app. Easy to read and use. Certainly worth the $

Poor sleep data

Not worth the money. I'm using different apps to compare the sleep analysis data and even free apps do better than Sleepmatic. Don't waste your money on this.

Developer Question

Several times when I sync up in the mornings, the app only shows I slept 3-4 hours when in fact my watch was capturing heartbeat for a full nights sleep. WHY the dropped time?

Doesn’t track sleep.

Changed sensitivity and still getting these crazy inaccurate readings. Reached out to tech support and nothing...

Sleepy head.

It has been quite interesting to see how I sleep at night or how little I sleep at night, finding out how many times I wake or how often I’m getting restless sleep. Not only that It gives much information on what is going on throughout the night while you are unconscious.

Good Stats when you can get data

This used to be my goto sleep app until it stopped giving me updated data. Unable to refresh so some days I cannot get my sleep stats. Only way to update is to delete and reinstall. Once they fix this issue then I will upgrade my rating.


I was excited to find an app that would automatically track my sleep with my Apple Watch Series 3. Unfortunately, I have found the data to be inaccurate. There were nights when I was on my phone, yet the app said I was in restful sleep. Almost every morning it records me out of bed and then in restful sleep, when in actuality I was indeed out of bed, but also dressed and out the door before it stopped recording my sleep. I would have liked to see naps separated from sleep and not having to set 1, 2 or 3 hour periods of inactivity before recording. As well as not choosing time awake to separate logs. It should know, even if I'm awake for 1-3 hours between certain hours (which happens often), that it's considered the same period of sleep. Possibly being able to tell it that if inactivity/activity during these hours, should be same log. I have played with the sensitivity and run diagnostics. Even afterwards, this app hasn't provided accurate information.

Does not work

Did not track my sleep at all! I downloaded it to see how much rest I actually get even though I’m in bed for 8 hours.

Works very well

Good product for the price.

Apparently I Don’t Sleep

I have tried to log my sleep using this app for over a week now. I have adjusted the sensitivity up and down and still nothing. Do not waste your money like I did.

Love this app

This app is so worth the money it cost to buy it and it is so accurate. I always look at the time when I get up to use the bathroom at night just to see how accurate it is and it’s right on! My watch does light up every time I move but it doesn’t bother me.

Doesn’t work

I’ve had this app for 3 days and it doesn’t work. The screen is frozen on Apr 7th and has recorded zero data

Great app

Highly informative

Not very accurate

Currently comparing several sleep apps. This is less accurate than a couple others, for example overstating amount of time in bed and categorizing that as restless sleep and undercounting awakenings. Also, it does not show deep sleep. Too bad one cannot try out an app before buying.

Love this AP!

Look forward visually checking out my sleep!

Sensitivity is confusing

I’ve tried this app for a week wearing my watch. It’s been reporting I’ve been asleep, restful even, when I’ve been awake lying in bed. Then the data available is malleable by sliding a sensitivity slider can change the results? Give me a baseline and something I can work off of. The way the charts are presented are nice, I just don’t trust the data.

Got it working now

Silly me you have to adjust sensitivity if you are not a still sleeper. Update did finally update took all day for some reason.

Nice Sleep App ZZZzzzz

Tried a few sleep apps and this is the best yet. Tracks on its own no need to start and stop. No problems with the accuracy.

Sleep conditions kill - a great tool for insight

Sleep apnea affects so many millions and it has a negative impact on your life and health...and could lead to stroke, heart attack etc. SleepMatic is an excellent tool...when paired with an Apple Watch during get a visual of your Sleep health. You can use this data to present to your doctor to get further treatment via a sleep study...and get on the road to better health. This is an excellent product.

Simply didn’t work intermittently

Would miss entire nights sleep. When it did work It counted the time I was wake but in bed as sleep time.




This is definitely NOT a situation where you get what you pay for! This App is inexpensive, yet does EVERYTHING the more pricey ones do, AND it does it in a much more easily understood manner! There was no learning g curve—I started using this one within 1 minute of downloading it!

Sleep tracker

I’m re writing my review I originally gave 2 Stars because it was way off on my sleep after me adjusting the sensitivity levels trying to get a more accurate reading I still don’t believe it is accurate by how may times I wake up but it’s better than it was after customer service looked at my settings not sure if they adjusted anything or not I do realize this is not going to be 100 percent accurate but I was hoping for something a little better after the reviews I read before purchasing

I disagree with the others.

I read the reviews before purchasing this app. I have issues with sleeping and thought that this would be a good avenue to take to be able to show my doctor. For me, it is very inaccurate. Especially where it notes how many times you awaken during the night. It only always registers one time when , in fact, I know I am up three times during the night to use the bathroom. And I also awaken during the night when I change my position of sleep. Also this app states night after night that the most restful sleep that I get is a MAXIMUM of 2hrs 50min. (Normally the app states 1 hr and change ). I know of nobody who would be able to go about their days on a couple of hours Of “restful” sleep night after night. NAH I don’t believe at all that this app is accurate.

No stars

I downloaded this app in anticipation of getting my watch so it would be ready to go when it came in. I have the 3. Set up the watch as per direction, paired it with my phone and all my apps were there including this one. Set up the app everything looked good. Wore my watch to bed and had a horrible night of sleep. I’m not sleeping well and wanted to see how much rest I’m actually getting. Woke up and checked the app on my watch. No data. Checked my phone. No data. Synced my watch to my phone again. No data. Ok maybe I did something wrong. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Second night I had the app open in my phone and on the watch (as much as you can leave an app on). Wore my watch to bed. Slept better so I thought for sure it would have something. Still no data. Phone- no data. I have now uninstalled it and purchased AutoSleep app. Don’t waist your money.

not accurate

i really like how this app is set up. it’s very easy to read and track sleep. however i don’t know how accurate it is. some nights it’s perfectly accurate but some it’s not. i wake up in the middle of the night and i know i’m up but it’s doesn’t register, or the time i woke up isn’t accurate (i know i woke up at 6:00 am sometimes it will say 7:30, even though i have my watch on) i do like this app and its a great price just wish it would be more accurate

Great app so far

So far, the app has been pretty accurate in tracking my sleep. I also like the ability to look at trends. So far, so good!


Best app I have and does what it says. Alerted me to AFIB and why I was so tired

Works exactly as advertised

Missed the sleep tracking from my Fitbit the most when I got the Apple Watch, this is even easier to use. Just wear the Watch to bed and the app does the rest.


Constantly saying I slept for 48 Hours. Adjusted settings several times. Fit Bit showed better accuracy.

Good app !

Works just as it says. I just wear it to sleep and that’s it. I get points for logging my sleep at work and this app made it simple to earn.

I LOVE this app

I love this app. Coming from a Fitbit user to the Apple Watch, I did not miss a beat on my sleep.

Excellent app!!

Very accurate. It even captured a nightmare lol.


I really used only Garmin but finally my Apple Watch does a great job with this app. I don’t why this application isn’t native for watch ios.

Sleep isn't tracking

My sleep isn't tracking and everything in settings is allowed.. It still does not track sleep 😔 not worth the 1.99 and yes I have emailed your company about the issue

Downloaded App

The moment I downloaded the app, all it does is clock and continues to clock 2 days later. Wasted my money on another app that does not work. How do I get my money back?



Best automatic sleep tracker for Apple Watch

I first purchased AutoSleep because it had great reviews online but after using it found it to not be accurate even after I followed the trouble shooting tips. Turns out the problem was the app itself. Downloaded this app, enabled it, and all the sleep the other app didn’t track this one instantly showed. Very accurate and even tracks my naps when I’m lucky enough to get one. Definitely worth it!


I wish it was a little more informative

Sometimes tracks my sleep when I’m not wearing my watch

I really like the app so far except sometimes times, I don’t wear my watch to sleep. Even on those nights I still have a sleep tracker that comes up—-including a pulse. Not really sure how that happens...

Don’t buy because it is don’t work !!!!!!!!!

Alarm don’t work, accounting sleep time till 2pm, Shows incorrect sleep settings very, very disappointed. Wasted money for a non-working application

Just the APP I Needed

I need to know how I sleep, how long, how many restless periods and awakenings. SleepMatic APP helps me track my heart rate and sleep pattern as they relate. I sure can tell when I fall asleep without putting my APAP on and sleep just 3-4 hours and get up. Living with chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and facet joint degeneration make bedtime painful most of the time. When I pay attention to feedback I’m often encouraged to ‘force’ myself to get in bed or stay as long as I can at least nod.

Very good

It helps me keep track of my sleep and quality of it i lime it alot


This app records sleep time when I am up and moving around. Accuracy not great.

Get this sleep tracker

This sleep app is the best, tried others that just confused me on how to use it. This app is user friendly and gives the best data.

Great App

Great app… You don’t have to do much except wear your watch to bed. Has some great options for tweaking settings and time sleeping and shows good accurate data.

Great Sleep App

Wonderful App works very well and the data shows how one sleeps, heart rate, and quality of sleep I'm very happy with this purchase, well worth the money.

Well developed app

This app is very impressive. It has a clean, attractive and interesting interface. There are a ton of features included and, even better, lots of help screens and explanations included throughout. I’ve been impressed, love the diagnostic, helping u figure out the problem.

An Amazing Sleep Tracker

So much thought has gone into taking the maximum amount of information and presenting it in a memorable and really helpful way. The app has greatly exceeded my expectation and more

Don’t bother.

It worked for the first 5 days but hasn’t worked for the last two weeks now.

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